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December 31, 2013
We hope everyone had a Happy & Safe 2013 Holiday season, now on to the new year. A lot of race fans, including us, got a bit of a suprise this past X-mas. We stumbled upon a link on Facebook about Jennerstown Speedway and found out it is under new ownership and will be re-opening in May 2014. If you know us, then you know what that means, we are heading back to Jennerstown Speedway in 2014! We are looking forward to racing there again and we're sure the locals will welcome all the teams back. If you have a Facebook account, type in Jennerstown Speedway in the search or if you follow us on Facebook, you'll find a link on our wall.

As we progress into 2014, we will be putting together package deals for a potential sponsor for 2014. We're sure that you'll find a package deal that will fit your budget. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or message us on Facebook.

November 24, 2013
We want to wish our family, friends and fans a Happy Thanksgiving.

November 20, 2013
It's been too long that any updates have been posted on here so lets fill you in a little.
1.) We have been pretty busy getting the shop setup, organized and moving everything into the new race shop. It has been a proven to be a challange due to the amount of stuff that we have accumilated over the years. With a little help, it'll get done.
2.) Joe has been pulling his hair out over the last few weeks to get our website rebuilt & hosted on a new server. Things are progressing along pretty well now. There should not be any interuption but if you can not access parts of the site, please jump on over to our Facebook page and post a message. Joe has been monitoring that page from day one it was created. If you get an error message, post it also as it may contain information he may need.
3.) If you have not heard, Old Dominion Speedway has closed their doors BUT the owner is relocating to a huge property. As we speak, they are clearing out the trees to start building. It will have a 4 tenth mile oval, 8th mile drag strip and a 2 mile road course. It is named Dominion Raceway & is located in Spotsylvania Virginia. From the drawings, it looks like a really nice track. Here is a link to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/DominionRaceway